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About us.


The Brand

Origine Terre is a brand of natural cosmetic products made in Benin, both respectful of the planet, as well as of the skin and hair, as effective as conventional formulations, if not more, as ethical as attached to sensory pleasure and well-being of its users.

Our philosophy is to capture the power of plants (butter, vegetable and essential oils, fresh fruits and vegetables) in order to develop products whose use promotes interesting, visible, and lasting results. Our flagship ingredients are unrefined organic shea butter extracted according to ancestral artisanal methods in North Benin, cocoa butter, mango, lemon, bearberry, baobab, turmeric, carrot, aloe vera, bay leaf, spinach, peppermint, papaya, organically grown in our garden. At Origine Terre, we want a natural organic alternative to conventional cosmetics: a pure, affordable, sensory, affective, sustainable alternative, which does not bleach but rather sublimates everyone’s skin.

Origine Terre was founded in 2016 by Caludia TOGBE, a lover of plants, and her husband Junior GBEGO. We started with a laboratory in Benin which after 8 months, had started to truncate our formulations in order to make the maximum profit. We, therefore, ended the partnership with this laboratory and set up a small production plant. We started with 4 products: Aloe vera Goat milk soap, Karibab moisturizing body lotion, Shea Castor shampoo bar, and Aloe Baobab conditioner bar. According to the needs of our customers looking for authentic natural cosmetic products, we are expanding our ranges on a daily basis and now have more than 70 products sold in Africa that we are gradually introducing on the American market while respecting the legislation in force.

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